3rd Year of Duo Dulcimer Play – Valašské Meziříčí 2009

Competition is organized under the auspices of the town of Valašské Meziříčí in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Valašské Meziříčí, the Civil Association of Dulcimer Players of the Czech Republic and the Primary Art School.

Interpretational competition is divided into three age categories and will consist of 1 round:

1st category – Year of birth: 1994 and younger

2nd category – Year of birth: 1993 – 1990

3rd category – Year of birth: 1989 – 1979

The age of the older player will be important for the category choice

Terms of competition:

1st Category – a) required composition: J. S. Bach – 2-voice Invention 4, 6, 14 – published by URTEXT

(this performance is anonymous)

b) composition(s) by own choice

(time limit 4-6 minutes, transcripts are allowed)

2nd Category – a) required composition: Daniel Skála – Sonata for two dulcimers (part1, part2, partitura)

(this performance is anonymous)

b) composition(s) by own choice

(time limit 6-8 minutes, transcripts are allowed)

3rd Category – a) equired composition: W. A. Mozart, op.70. Cah. 1. ( 1. part, 2. part )

12 duet for two violins: 1. Allegro moderato Andante sostenuto a cantabile Rondo. Allegro

(this performance is anonymous)

b) composition(s) by own choice

(time limit 8-10 minutes, transcripts are allowed)

1. It is required that at least one of DUO players will participate in SOLO interpretational part of the festival

2. Play by heart is not required in all rounds !

3. The player turn the music pages by themselves.

4. All the rounds are open to public.

5. Everybody who meets the terms of the competition can participate.

6. All competitors must play the required piece(s) otherwise will be disqualified.

7. Every competitor must give 2 copies of their chosen music to the jury before starting the specific round.

8. When choosing the composition, give way to compositions composed directly for two instruments.

Required music can be obtained from internet site http://www.lpt.cz/festival (for Category II will have been available since 20. October 2008). NEW: www.dulcimerfest.eu

Winners (1st prize) can use the title “Competition laureate”. Prize competitors can play at the final gala concert.

Competition assessment

1. Jury decide on all prizes.

2. Jury is international and is nominated by the organiser. It has at least 5 members.

3. Each of the competitors is assessed by points from 0 to 25 according to their performance.

4. The lowest and the highest mark is left out, points received for the a) and b) parts of the competition are added. The highest rating in each category means the first place etc. Should there be the same rating with two or more competitors, the jury decide themselves.

5. The jury is entitled to stop performances exceeding the time limit.

6. The jury is entitled to merge, split or not to award any of the prizes. The jury also decide on which of the competitors will perform at the closing gala concert and on their repertoire.

7. The prize awards of competitors in each category will be specified at the Festival Opening.

Kapcsolódó bejegyzések:

7th Year of International Dulcimer Play Competition – Valašské Meziříčí 2009
VIII. International Dulcimer Festival in Valašské Meziříčí 2009.



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